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SXP211 EBHP, SCP231, GX510N, GX515N, GX100C



SXP211 EBHP  88 keys weighted Touch Sensor, 8 meg midi, 32 note polyphony, 128 EMU voices, sequencer dist drive. 
SXP231  88 keys weighted, 36 rhythims, 8 track sequencer, 128 general midi in/ou/through, auto play feature, Rosewood vinyl. 
GX510N 88 keys weighted, 8 voice/chorus, reverb, 2 track record, Rosewood vinyl.
GX515N 88 keys weighted, 16 voice/chorus, reverb, 2 track record, plus general midi in/out/through, Rosewood vinyl. 

Need an amplifier for your new keyboard? See LA35KC & M.A.S.S.

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