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(Click on the tapes above to link to pages showing photos and specifications for instruments on the tape label. Use the navigation buttons, "Previous" & "Next," to scroll through all pages from "Super Jumbo" through "Valley Arts." Many of these categories have multiple pages of photos. Each of the other categories "Abilene™/Silvertone™" through "New for 2000" are also multi-page and only the first page of each category can be accessed from this home page. Use the navigation buttons to explore these categories as well. Don't miss any of this great line of products.)

Revised: September 16, 2000


Samick Music Corporation, 18521 Railroad Street, City of Industry, CA 91748

(626) 964-4700

Contact Samick Music U.S.A.

The Samick Guitar line does not have retail pricing. If you would like pricing information for this product line, please contact an Authorized Samick Dealer in you area. If you need assistance in locating a dealer please provide your City, State and the telephone area codes in your area.



Super Jumbos, Dreadnoughts, 9-String Guitar, 12-String Guitars, Acoustic Electric Guitars, Thin-line Acoustic Electric Guitars, Folk Guitars, Classical Guitars, Acoustic Electric Classical Guitars, Jazz Guitars, Trad-S Guitars, Trad-T Guitars, Trad-LP Guitars, Trad-SG Guitars, Trad-V Guitars, Trad-EXP Guitars, Mini Guitars & Basses, Trad-P Basses, Trad-J Basses, 4-String High-Tech Basses, 5-String High-Tech Basses, 6-String High-Tech Basses, Acoustic/Electric Basses, Banjos, Mandolins, Violins, Autoharps, Cases, Digital Keyboards, Accessories, Guitar Amps, Bass Amps, Valley Arts,

Abilene™/Silvertone™, Signature Series, District Sales Managers, NAMM Show, Endorsers, New for 2000

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