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HC3501, HC1003, HCI200, C152V, CG10, CG149, HC33491, C354. HC1032, HC10321, HC3650, HC3660, HC3670



HC3501  Deluxe plush-lined hardshell (Classic/Folk
HC1003  Deluxe hardshell (Classic/Folk
HCI200  Deluxe hardshell (Classic/Folk
C152V  Economy chipboard (Classic/Folk - also 39" LF009-steel string & LC009-classic
CG10  Economy chipboard ( 39" LF009-steel string & LC009-classic) 
CG149  Economy chipboard ( 36" LF006-steel string & LC006-classic)  
HC33491  Deluxe hardshell (Thin-line A/E & SAT Jazz guitars)  
C354  Economy chipboard (Thin-line A/E & SAT Jazz guitars
HC1032  Deluxe hardshell (Jazz Jumbo HJ650
HC10321  Deluxe hardshell (Jazz Jumbo HF650)  
HC3650  Deluxe hardshell Tweed 
HC3660  Deluxe hardshell Tweed  (Jazz Jumbo HF650)
HC3670  Deluxe hardshell Tweed  (Jazz Jumbo HJ650

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